How can I set templates for WhatsApp messages?

  1. Navigate to Channels > WhatsApp > Templates > Create New.
    Users with admin and supervisor roles can submit the templates for verification.
  2. Choose the category (Transactional, Marketing, or One-Time Password) aligned with the content.
  3. You can choose the header to be Text, Media, or None.
  4. You can enter the message's content under Body, and if your content is dynamic, you can add variables by clicking + Add variable.
  5. By selecting the Button Type drop-down, you can configure quick replies and calls to action (website URL or phone number).
  6. When you have completed all of the fields, click Send for verification.
  7. When you submit a template for verification, it’s forwarded to WhatsApp for verification. WhatsApp takes around 48-72 business hours to verify it.
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