Agent metrics available in Live Dashboards

  1. Leaderboard shows the agents’ names along with the number of calls and chats they handled during the filtered time period.
  2. Active agents shows the number of agents who are available during the filtered time period.
  3. Handle Time for Call/Chats shows the average time it takes an agent from accepting a customer request to completing ACW (After Call Work).
  4. Wrap Up Time shows the average length of time taken to complete wrapup tasks.
  5. Live agents shows the  names of the live agents, along with information about them:
    • Status shows whether  agents are available, busy, or offline. 
    • Channel shows the type of customer request the agents are attending to (call, chat, or WhatsApp etc.).
    • Duration shows the duration of the agents' conversations in real time.
    • Conversation started is the time when each conversation started.
    • Customer shows the contact number of the customer each agent is communicating with.
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