How can I create a view?

  1. To create a view, click on the + New icon on the left panel
  2. Enter information about the view.
    • Name: A friendly name to identify the view.
    • Visibility: You can make views visible to different groups of users.
      Private — Only you have access.
      Shared — You can share it with your peers (users or teams or both).
      Public — Can be viewed by everyone in the organization.
    • Filters: Filters let you refine the type of data you want to get. The view will list the filtered conversations with the most recent ones appearing first.
      For example, if managers want to review conversations of agents who only handled outbound, they can filter by Direction (Incoming/Outgoing).
    • Columns: By default, all columns are selected; however, you can deselect and rearrange them as needed.
  3. After providing all the details, click Save View.
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