How to Buy Phone Numbers

Buy new number:

  1. Select the Buy Number option on the home page or navigate to Channels > Call & Messaging and selecting the Buy Number option. 
  2. After selecting either one, use the Get New Number pane to search for numbers by country, number type (add number types), area code, city, or keyword. (To search for a keyword, for example, you could specify a number that ends in “pfit” for “perfect fit.”)
  3. Contacto returns a list of available numbers, along with their types, capabilities (voice, SMS, MMS), monthly cost, and setup fees. Some international numbers may have regulatory requirements that require you to provide verification documents to Contacto for us to pass on to carriers.Screen_Shot_2021-12-20_at_12.28.05_PM.png
  4. After searching for phone numbers that meet your specifications, select a number from the list of available numbers in the Get New Number pane, then click Buy Number
  5. On the next screen, provide a number alias name and associate it to a routing workflow
  6. You can modify this association later by clicking on the number and selecting a new routing workflow in the drop-down menu.Screen_Shot_2021-12-20_at_12.29.56_PM.png
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