Create a Chat Application

To create a chat app, click on the Channels > Chat menu option.

  1. Click Create New Chat App. On the next screen, headed General, give the app a name, choose a routing workflow from the drop-down list, and specify a domain URL to be the address where the chat widget loads. Click Next Step.
  2. On the next screen, headed Design, you can customize aspects of the widget, such as heading, tagline, greeting message, and widget color. A preview on the right side of the screen shows what the widget will look like with your settings. Click Next Step when you’re satisfied.
  3. On the final screen, headed Questions, you can select whether to ask customers for their phone number or email address, and customize the request message. When you’re finished, click Create Chat App & Get Code. Contacto will display a JavaScript snippet that you can copy and paste into your website HTML page template to display the widget.Screen_Shot_2022-01-04_at_10.03.07_AM.png


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