Handling Customer Conversations

  1. Once connected, conversations appear in the active section. Customer details and previous tickets and conversations associated with that customer (if any) appear in the right pane. These customer details can be synced from the business system integrated with Contacto, such as Salesforce.Screen_Shot_2022-01-04_at_10.18.28_AM.png
  2. Use the Reply box at the bottom of the middle pane to respond to customer conversations. Type your response, then click Send. Your conversation will scroll up in the pane above the Reply box.
  3. When your conversation is finished, click Resolve at the top right of the conversation pane. Contacto displays a new box in which you can associate the conversation with an existing ticket or create a new one with details. After you’ve made your choice and entered details, click Create and Start Wrap-up.Screen_Shot_2022-01-04_at_10.18.00_AM.png
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