Receiving New Customer Service Requests

In order to receive customer service requests via voice or chat, you will need to ensure that there are available agents. Through the agent status tab in the settings section, you can both configure agent status parameters, as well as create new statuses to suit your company's needs.

  1. Navigate to General Settings > Agent status, here you will see the Status List and Configuration options.
  2. The Status List shows you the available statuses that can characterize an Agent. Offline, Available, Busy, Idle, etc. You can add a status by selecting the Add Status button and setting the name and rules of this status, as well as a color.Screen_Shot_2022-04-06_at_1.23.39_PM.png
  3. To configure how and when these statuses go into effect, go to the Configuration tab next to Status List.  Here you will see Auto Update of Status options where you can determine the status of an Agent when first logging in, when logging out, and when operating at capacity.  You will also be able to set an Assignment Timeout Limit, which caps the number of contacts per agent to a number set by the admin.  This will automatically change the agent's status to the status of your choosing, such as busy.Screen_Shot_2022-04-06_at_1.13.37_PM.png
  4. To change these Auto Updates, simply use the drop down menu to select one of the statuses available.  These rules will ensure agents are able to receive new customer service requests while also making sure agents are not operating above capacity at the same time.


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