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Recharges and Credits

  • How can I access my Contacto billing information?
    • Contact our support team if you want to access the billing on the console. We will work internally to obtain one-time temporary credentials for you.
    • Use those credentials, then change your password after logging in by going to Billing > Change Password. Please see our FAQ for more information on how to change your password.
  • How can I change my billing login credentials?

    You can change your billing login information by clicking by going to Billing > Change Password.

    • Enter your old password, enter your new password, and confirm your new password.
    • After entering all the information, click Save Changes.
  • How can I add a credit card to recharge my account?

    Visit the Billing page on the Plivo dashboard to add a credit card to your account. Fill out the details at the top of the page, then click Add New Card.


  • How can I set auto-recharge for my account? How does it work?
    1. Go to the Payments page of the console.  Provide a Balance Amount and a Recharge Amount. Plivo will charge the Recharge Amount on the credit card associated with your account when the account balance falls below the Balance Amount.
    2. If your balance is significantly lower than the threshold, we may need to charge the recharge amount several times until the account balance is equal to or greater than the defined threshold value.
    3. Here's an illustration of how this works. Assume you had a $100 balance and set the Balance Amount to $100 and the Recharge Amount to $20. If the account balance fell to $10 due to a one-time $90 spend, the account would be auto-charged $20 five times to bring it back up to the $100 threshold.
      If the first recharge attempt fails, Plivo will wait and try again when the balance falls to 75% of the Balance Amount. If that recharge attempt fails again, we'll try again when the balance reaches 50%, 25%, and 0% of the Balance Amount. If we’re still unsuccessful and your balance is zero or negative, you will be unable to use any Contacto functions.
  • What is the minimum amount I can charge my Contacto account?

    Your account can be funded automatically or manually, and the minimum recharge is $25.

  • Can I recharge more than the maximum limit?

    If you need to recharge more than the maximum amount, please contact our support team.