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Prerequisites and Registration

  • What are the prerequisites and registration steps for using WhatsApp?

    Here are the steps you must complete before proceeding to registration:

    1. To use WhatsApp, you must have a personal Facebook account (identity verified) and a Meta Business Manager Account.
    2. To create a Meta Business Manager Account:
      • Go to overview.
      • Click Create an account.
      • Enter a name for your business, your name, and your work email address, and click Next.
      • Enter your business details and click Submit.
        Note: You can check the steps in the official Meta FAQ.
    3. Verify Meta Business Manager Account.
    4. Get the Phone Number for Whatsapp and flow setup.
      • Contacto Console can provide you with a phone number. To enable Whatsapp, you can use an existing number or get a new one. On the Contacto console, go to Channels > Calls > Phone numbers.
      • Create a Flow similar to the one shown below and link it to the selected Contacto phone number. If the Contacto phone number is only `Voice` enabled, then you would need to set up the “Incoming Call” node and add the user number (your phone number) to gain access to the Whatsapp OTP.

    Once you have accomplished the above steps, reach out to us and we will assist you to integrate the WhatsApp API with Contacto using 360dialog:

    1. To create an account with 360dialog, click on the Sign-up link and fill out the form with your information.
      Select “I agree to the 360dialog Terms of Service” and click Accept Terms.
    2. Login to the Client hub using the submitted credentials and navigate to WhatsApp Accounts:
    3. To add a Facebook account, click Finish Onboarding to add a Facebook account
    4. Click Continue with Facebook
    5. Login using the Business Facebook account and select the Meta Business Account that you want to use. This will redirect you to a new window:
      Click Get Started
      • Step 1: Create a WhatsApp business account or connect an existing one.
        Click Continue in both cases
        The account will set up and you will get the below screen:
        Click Continue to Step 2
      • Step 2: Create the Business Name that customers will see.
      • Step 3: Verify the WhatsApp number
    6. Return to the 360dialog client hub and check the WhatsApp accounts section once the number has been verified. The account would be created in a matter of minutes. The number's status will be changed to 'Live.' Only after the status changes to 'Live', the number can be used for conversations.
    7. Once this is done, we will add the WhatsApp number to your Contacto Organisation.