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User Management

  • Invite User


    1. Log in to Contacto as an Admin user and select the Quick Action Invite UserScreen_Shot_2021-12-16_at_2.31.59_PM.png
    2. On the Team Management page, fill in the required details — first and last name, email address, user role, and the team the user is associated with. Click Invite.Screen_Shot_2021-12-16_at_2.35.20_PM.png
    3. The agent should receive an invitation that allows them to set up a user profile. The user will appear in the user list with the status “invited.” 


  • User Roles

    Contacto provides three possible roles for users.

    Administrator: An administrator has access to the admin console, which lets them:

    • Create teams
    • Invite users
    • Create queues and flows 
    • Create call and chat channels
    • Set business hours and holidays 
    • Assign skills
    • Buy phone numbers
    • Set up integrations
    • Manage billing

    Agent: Agents are the end users of the Contacto console. They have access to the agent console, where they can handle service requests on any of the channels your company has implemented.

    Supervisor: Supervisors can access the same features as agents within the agent console. They can also access live monitoring and call center analytics features.

  • Change User Roles
    1. To change a user’s role, select the user from the user list in the Team Management section.
    2. Use the Role drop-down menu to select either Administrator, Supervisor, or Agent.Screen_Shot_2021-12-16_at_3.14.32_PM.png
    3. When you select a new role, the change is made immediately. The new role will appear in the user list.


  • Creating and Adding Skills to Users

    Administrators can apply different skills to users to classify what skill sets a particular agent has and at what level. Each organization can create skills that apply to their business.

    1. Navigate to the Routing section of the Admin console and select Skills, then Create Skill.
    2. Enter a Skill Name and select whether there is a required skill level. You can then enter Min and Max levels, using numbers between 1 and 100. Click create skill to save.Screen_Shot_2021-12-16_at_2.55.22_PM.png
    3. To apply a skill to a specific user, visit the user list. Click on a user’s profile, select a skill, and click the plus button to associate the skill with the user.Screen_Shot_2021-12-16_at_2.56.53_PM.png
    4. You can bulk add skills to users by selecting all users in the users list with the check box at the top of the list, then selecting the Add Skills button.
  • Create a New Team

    Teams let you group agents together in ways that make sense for your business. A team may consist of individuals who work in the same geographic region (US Support and EU Support, for example), or who support particular products or services, or who provide support in a certain language.

    1. Log in to a Contacto admin profile and navigate to the Team Management section, then to teams.Screen_Shot_2021-12-16_at_3.23.04_PM.png
    2. Click Create Team.
    3. Fill in the team name, click Next Step, then add members by selecting them from the list of users.


  • Add a User to a Team
    1. Click on a team profile on the users page.
    2. Click into the members section. Use the search bar to find a specific user, or use the plus button and select an entry from the list of users.
    3. Click Add to assign each selected user to the team.
    4. When you finish adding users, click Save Changes.Screen_Shot_2021-12-16_at_3.28.28_PM.png


  • Deactivate a User
    1. Find the user you wish to deactivate in the user list in the Team Management section.
    2. Click into the user’s profile, then click the Deactivate User button.Screen_Shot_2021-12-16_at_3.01.44_PM.png
    3. The user will still appear in the list of users but will no longer have access to the console, and will be listed as “deactivated.”