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Voice Controls

  • On Call Controls

    Using the on-call controls that appear above the notes window, you can mute, hold, transfer or end a conversation.

    1. Click the microphone icon Screenshot_2022-12-21_at_6.30.35_PM.png to mute a call. Click the button again to unmute the call.
    2. Click the pause button Screenshot_2022-12-21_at_6.31.37_PM.png to put a call on hold. Click the button again to release the call.
    3. Click the red phone facing down icon Screenshot_2022-12-21_at_6.28.49_PM.png to end a call.
    4. To transfer an incoming call, click the right arrow Screenshot_2022-12-21_at_6.32.22_PM.png.


  • How can I transfer calls to agents or teams?
    1. An agent can transfer a call from their desktop by clicking on the right arrow key Screenshot_2022-12-21_at_6.32.22_PM.png. A call can be transferred to an agent, team, queue, or external number.
    2. Click Agent to list agent names. When you select a name, you can view the agent’s skills and the team the agent belongs to.
    3. You can choose whether to warm or cold transfer. Similarly, you can transfer calls to different teams, which will call the active agents in that team, or queues or external numbers.
  • How can I transfer calls to a number?

    You can transfer incoming calls to an external number in two ways:

    1. You can transfer a call to an external number by adding the number on the Routing > Transfer Destination page.
      • Click Add Transfer Destination.
      • Enter a friendly name for the transfer, select “External,” and enter a valid phone number.
      • Click Add Transfer Destination to add the destination with the type “External"
      • When an agent wants to transfer a call from their desktop by clicking on the right arrow key, they should click  External Number.
    2. Agents can also click on the dial pad to transfer calls to a number that isn’t added and provide the number manually.
  • After Conversation Work and Dispositions
    1. After ending a call with a customer, a wrap-up panel will appear in which you can detail information regarding the conversation.Screen_Shot_2022-01-18_at_10.24.49_AM.png
    2. Here you can note the conversation disposition, such as “issue resolved” or “callback requested,” you can also fill in any additional wrap-up notes detailing the conversation.  
    3. Once finished, click End Wrap-up, and the information will be synced back to the help desk.


  • How can I edit or delete disposition names?

    Go to Settings > Dispositions,  select a disposition name, change it, and click Save changes. 

    To delete a disposition, click on the trash icon next to it, then click Delete.


  • If a wrapup is not done before the timeout, what value that gets associated with the disposition? Can I change it?

    In such cases, Contacto assigns the disposition name Auto Closed. It cannot be changed.

    Note: The default timeout value is 15 minutes.

  • How can I re-order call dispositions?

    Go to Settings > Dispositions and drag and swap the dispositions in the list.

  • How can I allow agents to pause and resume recording?
    1. You can enable agents to pause/resume recording by navigating here.
    2. If the toggle is enabled, the agent will be able to see the pause/resume recording indicator on the calls.