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Chat Controls

  • End Conversation With a Customer
    1. Click the resolve button on the top right of the active conversation pane.Screen_Shot_2022-01-18_at_10.20.49_AM.png
    2. At this point you will be able to associate the conversation with a past ticket, or create a new ticket detailing the issue.
    3. Once finished, click Create and Start Wrap-up, here you can fill in the conversation disposition and any other notes.
  • After Conversation Work and Dispositions
    1. After resolving a customer chat and filling out the ticket details, you’ll be prompted to start your wrap-up.  
    2. Here you can note the conversation disposition, such as “issue resolved” or “callback requested,” you can also fill in any additional wrap-up notes detailing the conversation.Screen_Shot_2022-01-18_at_10.24.49_AM.png  
    3. Once finished, click End Wrap-up, and the information will be synced back to the help desk.