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Receive Customer Calls

  • Receiving New Customer Service Requests

    You must ensure that there are available agents to receive customer service requests via voice or chat. The Agent Status tab in the Settings section allows you to configure agent status parameters and create new statuses to meet the needs of your company.

  • Accepting New Customer Service Requests
        1. Incoming customer calls are displayed in the agent console's top left corner or on top of all the current open applications. You can see the incoming number as well as the contact information from the CRM along with the preview of the most recent three open inquiries or tickets if any. Click the green phone icon to connect to the customer and display the conversation in the Active section. Click the red phone icon to dismiss the call.

    1. If an agent disconnects a call, it will continue to ring on other agents’ consoles, waiting to be answered.
      If only one agent is available and the agent disconnects the call, the call is terminated.
  • Handling Customer Conversations
    1. When you connect with an incoming customer call, the screen will change to show the active conversation. The left pane shows details about the call. You can take notes in the middle pane. The right pane shows customer details and any active tickets.Screen_Shot_2021-12-20_at_1.56.10_PM.png
    2. You can create a new ticket for the current conversation by clicking Create Ticket, or associate the conversation with a previous ticket by clicking the Associate Conversation button next to one of the active tickets in the right pane. When the ticket is associated, you can view the entire past conversation history to gather more context.Screen_Shot_2022-01-11_at_1.13.50_PM.png
    3. When your conversation is finished, click the red end call button at the top right of the conversation pane. You can now start the wrap-up, detailed in our after conversation work and dispositions article.
  • How can I set the agent configuration for new contact assignments for all services?

    Go to Settings > Routings. Here you can set the duration for which a new contact assignment request should be shown to the agents, and set timeouts for all channels — Calls, Chats, and WhatsApp.