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Chat Application

  • How to create a Chat Application?

    To create a chat app, go to Channels > Chat menu option.

    1. Click Create New Chat App. Under the label General, give the app a name, select a routing workflow from the drop-down list, and choose a chat type (one or both). Click Next Step.
    2. Under Configuration,
      • If you choose Webchat or both (Webchat and In-app), you will be presented with two configuration tabs: Design and Webchat.
        If you choose In-app chat only, you will only see the Design configuration tab.
      • Under the Design tab you can change the widget's heading, tagline, greeting message, and color. On the right side of the screen, a preview shows how the widget will look with your settings.
      • Under Webchat, specify a domain URL as the address where the chat widget will be loaded.
        When you're finished, click Next Step.
    3. Under Input Parameters, you can customize the greeting message and ask customers to provide a phone number or email address prior to assigning an agent. On the right side of the screen, a preview shows how the chat box will show the message.


  • How many chat apps can I create?

    There is no limitation on the number of chat apps that you can create for an account.

  • Our chat doesn’t let customers attach a file. Why?
    • When you create a chat app, under the Configuration page’s Design tab, check the option to let the customers attach files.
    • You can do the same for existing chat applications as well.
  • How can I change the default widget color for a new chat app?

    Select a color by clicking on the “widget color” tab, which opens a color box. After you've chosen a color, you can explore variations by dragging your cursor inside the box.


  • How to delete a Chat Application?
    1. To view a list of existing chat apps, navigate to Channels > Chat Apps. Select the app to be deleted by clicking its name.
    2. Click Delete on the next screen. Enter the name of the app at the prompt to ensure you really want to delete it, then click Delete.
    3. Once deleted, all websites or mobile apps that have integrated the chat app will stop working.