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Receive Customer Chats

  • Accepting New Customer Service Requests

    Incoming customer chats will appear in the “New” section of the agent console.  You will be able to see the phone number associated with the incoming chat request.  To accept the incoming chat, click the green check icon, the conversation will then appear in the active conversation section where you can find the customer details and past tickets.  To decline the conversation, click the red X icon.


  • Handling Customer Conversations
    1. Conversations appear in the Active section once they’re connected. The right pane displays customer information as well as previous tickets and conversations associated with that customer (if any). These customer details can be synced from a business system that’s integrated with Contacto, such as Salesforce.
    2. To respond to customer conversations, use the Reply box at the bottom of the middle pane. Fill in the blank space with your response, then click Send. In the pane above the Reply box, your conversation will scroll up.
    3. When your conversation is finished, click Resolve in the conversation pane's upper right corner. Contacto pops up a new box where you can either associate the conversation with an existing ticket or create a new one with details. After you've made your selection and entered your information, click Create and Start Wrap-up.Screen_Shot_2022-01-04_at_10.18.00_AM.png